Bummer Summer

I just couldn’t do it.

I was taking MATH61 and ECON11 during the summer session, thought I would just “bang those out” and make my summer “productive”, and I couldn’t do it.
I found the pace of the summer session impossible for a class like MATH61. I was dedicating every waking hour to the material, but there was so much of it that I barely had time to finish the homework from the last lecture (and take the corresponding quiz) before the next lecture revealed even more new principles and the next batch of homework. Forget understanding it all.

In addition to fitting 10 weeks of material into 6 weeks, there are far less opportunities to get tutoring on anything you don’t understand or even just the time to absorb the info. The TA and professor were very willing to help, but there was hardly any time to work on things you needed to practice.

But I’d thought maybe I could pull it off. I took the midterm, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. After I got my score back, I realized that I’d thought that only because I didn’t grasp the complexity of many of the questions.

Anyway, you see where I’m going with this. I failed the midterm. The median was only a 62%, but still I was more than a third below that. The professor has a grading scheme where he’ll throw out the midterm grade if you kill it on the final, but I just didn’t feel like I could pull it off. I’d needed to look at the book solutions too many times. I really did not have a handle on the material.

So, I decided to drop the class. It was an expensive decision, as I get no refund on my summer session fee for the class, but It was that or possibly have a D or something in there.
I’m going to keep going to lecture and discussion, so it won’t be a total loss, but I’m really, really, really disappointed that I couldn’t do it. It made me tear up to drop the class.

I took the ECON11 midterm in the midst of all that and, of course, didn’t study thoroughly enough for it because of the time I was putting into the math class. So, naturally, I made a lot of mistakes that shouldn’t have happened (and it’s 2:45am and I can’t sleep right now, thinking about them). I don’t have that exam back yet, but I’m sure it will be a grade or two lower than it should have been.
The difference with this class, though, is that the material is easy for me to ramp up on, so I feel I can make up for the midterm score with a high final score.

I hated dropping that math class, but I got in the ring with that beast and it beat me; it just knocked me out.

This summer session schedule is pretty brutal. Instead of the standard 10 weeks you have during the regular school year quarter, you have 6 weeks into which all that instruction is crammed. 

I had hoped that meant that they skip at least 2 weeks’ worth of material, but now it just seems like it’s all in there, all 10 weeks’ worth. We get a lot more lectures during the week than normal, but there’s no time to absorb the concepts between lectures. Some new concept is introduced (or multiple new concepts all at once) and then before you’ve had a chance to digest any of that, another batch of new concepts is poured on your lap. 

You’ve got to be working at the pace of someone who leaves everything to the last minute, every single day. Bad.

Just took my MATH61 exam. It wasn’t as devastating as I thought it would be, but, damn, I either did OK or I did horribly. I just hope I didn’t fail it.

Another midterm tomorrow in ECON11.

I’m ready to have a summer.

Only halfway there.

I had another one of those I-can’t-tell-you-about-until-the-quarter-is-over encounters with a professor during lecture the other day. 

Let’s just say, it ended with a classmate turning around in his seat and telling me to “Shut up”. 

A class study sheet for 7th grade.
Don’t be a jerk.

A class study sheet for 7th grade.
Don’t be a jerk.

Munched half of my MATH61 quiz today.

Christ, can I go one fucking week without feeling like a failure?

I miss that feeling that I’m good at something.

I wish I had time to read all these books.

I wish I had time to read all these books.

MATH61 discussion

MATH61 discussion

Lots of doodling going on in ECON11.

Lots of doodling going on in ECON11.

Funny story for you. I’d been apprehensive about my math class for a couple of reasons, one being that the professor seemed to have horrible reviews (3.39 overall) on Bruinwalk.com (where students review the professors).
We’ve had about 4 lectures so far and I was thinking, “This guy’s not bad. I guess those other students had him on an “off” quarter or rubbed him the wrong way or something”.
Then my friend, Cat, showed me that there are TWO UCLA professors with that name. I had been looking at the other professor’s reviews.
So happy I was wrong to the tune of a 5.11 rating difference.

My life is so out of whack that I was just looking at some “new trend ” in fashion I didn’t really know about THAT HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE 2012.

Also, I beginning to doubt my wisdom in taking these two classes this summer. Don’t want to say much about them before I even have midterm grades in these classes, but let’s just say that 10 weeks worth of material is being shoved into 6 weeks. FUN.